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Alternative formsEdit


dead set (plural dead sets)

A dog making a dead set.
  1. (hunting) The rigid pose a hunting dog assumes when pointing out game to a hunter.
    The judge at the dog show took points off the Irish setter's dead set because its right ear twitched a few times.
  2. A fixed or stationary condition arising from obstacle or hindrance; a deadlock.
    to be at a dead set
  3. (figuratively) By extension, a determined effort.
    I might not graduate first in my class, but I'll make a dead set at it.


dead set (comparative more dead set, superlative most dead set)

  1. unswervingly dedicated; resolutely determined
    If John is dead set on marrying Catherine, his parents' objection will only provoke a falling out.
    The governor is dead set against the concealed weapons permit legislation and will veto it even if it costs her the re-election.