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degunk +‎ -er


degunker (plural degunkers)

  1. (informal) Something that removes gunk.
    • 2005, Ron Wanttaja, Airplane Ownership, page 191:
      It used to be that you could take off the cowling, wrap plastic bags around the electrical stuff (magnetos, regulator, and alternator) and vacuum pump, and blast away with engine degunker.
    • 2005, Wayne Palaia, Christina Palaia, Degunking Microsoft Office
      The Disk Defragmenter utility (see Figure 3-5) is a degunker's friend, enabling your computer to consolidate fragmented files and gain more efficient access to your folder system.
    • 2009 March 3, “It’s Not Easy Being Clean”, in New York Times[1]:
      Citra-Drain is an eco-Drano-type degunker, unclogging everything but my nonvegan arteries.