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de- +‎ publish


depublish (third-person singular simple present depublishes, present participle depublishing, simple past and past participle depublished)

  1. (California, law) To remove legal opinions from the record such that they can no longer be used as precedent.
    • 1991, West's California reporter:
      [] the California Supreme Court declined either to depublish or accept the case for review even though it received extensive amicus briefs in support of United California Bank's petition from six leading California banks []
    • 2015, Justin B. Richland, Sarah Deer, Introduction to Tribal Legal Studies, Rowman & Littlefield →ISBN, page 123:
      For example, in the courts of the state of California, the Supreme Court can “depublish” or remove from all official records, and thus from legal authority, prior case opinions it delivered but has since decided are not good examples of legal analysis.