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dick snot




dick + snot


dick snot (uncountable)

  1. (vulgar slang) semen
    • 2004, Greg Wharton, M. Christian, Love Under Foot: An Erotic Celebration of Feet
      Al buries his face under those balls and starts tongue lapping at Henry's guiche while Henry's cock slides over Al's face, leaving a trail of dick snot along his furry cheek.
    • 2008, Justin Skrakowski, Strongman, page 6:
      The drip was getting worse, and now it had picked up its friend Itch. And now I was getting increasingly mad every time I had to squeeze dick snot out of myself each time I took a piss.
    • 2010, Rick R. Reed, Tales from the Sexual Underground, page 103:
      Okay, so what a bukkake party consists of is: one guy (or a gal, if she's straight...and a very, very good sport), either sitting or lying down while a number (any number really...the more the merrier!) of other guys shoot their dick snot all over his (or her) face and chest. That's it. That's how a bukkake party works. So simple, not even Martha Stewart could fuck it up!