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dimber mort (plural dimber morts)

  1. (obsolete, Britain, thieves' cant) A pretty girl.
    • 1837, Disraeli, Benjamin, Venetia:
      Tip me the clank, like a dimber mort as you are; trim a ken for the gentry cove; he is no lanspresado, or I am a kinchin.
    • 1918, Farnol, Jeffery, Our Admirable Betty:
      Look'ee Benno, if you're a-hiding of some dimber mort aloft there I'm the cove to——
    • 1988, Wertenbaker, Timberlake, Our Country's Good, Act 2, Scene 1:
      Liz, he says, why trine for a make, when you can wap for a winne. I'm no dimber mort, I says. Don't ask you to be a swell mollisher, sister, coves want Miss Laycock, don't look at your mug. So I begin to sell my mother of saints.
    • 2015, Monroe, Erica, Beauty and the Rake:
      Look at 'er, Jay, 'ave ye ever seen a better dimber mort?


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