Alternative formsEdit


From dog +‎ -itude.


dogitude (uncountable)

  1. The state or quality of being or resembling a dog.
    • 1988 April 8, Jerry Sullivan, “Field & Street”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Some essence of dogitude shines through all the caprices of taste and breeding that humans have applied to the animal.
    • 2003, Cynthia Heimel, Advanced Sex Tips for Girls: This Time It's Personal, →ISBN, p. 171 (Google preview):
      All cells reach toward dogitude. I need dog breath, eyes, fur, smell.
    • 2012 Feb. 16, Suzi Parker, "Some Arkansas Dems still waiting for Clinton’s ‘thank you’," Washington Post (retrieved 30 June 2015):
      “We are all dogs. No one should ever have to publicly defend their dogitude.”