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domain hack


  • a social bookmarking service.
    • .us denotes the United States.
  • a whois service.
    • .is denotes Iceland.


domain hack (plural domain hacks)

  1. (Internet, informal) An Internet domain name in which the TLD (such as a country code) can be understood as part of the name rather than the usual suffix.
    • 2008, Chris Brophy, Manufacturing, Distribution and Promotion in the Music Industry
      It is however, possible to create a domain hack. This is where parts of the domain spell out a particular word []
    • 2006, "Dave 2.0", - web 2.0 community (discussion on alt.usage.english newsgroup)
      I love those domain hacks, I own and I recently got an email asking how I registered a domain name with a dot in it (HEHE).