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douche bag (plural douche bags)

  1. A bag for holding water or fluid (as used, for example, in vaginal douching).
    • 1883 March 24, Robert F. Weir, “Hydrarthrosis of Knee Joint Treated by Carbolic Injection”, in The Medical Gazette[1], page 138:
      An ordinary rubber douche bag was filled with a one in twenty solution of carbolic acid
  2. (idiomatic, vulgar, pejorative) A worthless person.
    • 1950, Louis Falstein, Face of a Hero[2], New York: Harcourt, page 38:
      Oh, that fukken Wiener Douche-bag sonofabitch!
    • 1954, Ralph J. Barra, Brief for appellant, Carlo Mendola (People v. Miele and Mendola, New York Court of Appeals)[3], New York: New York Court of Appeals, page 3:
      She noticed both defendants at the bar ... and while singing one or the other defendant addressed indecent remarks to her between 11 and 12 o'clock, calling her a "douche bag" ... and calling out, "How about getting laid"
    • 1995, Quentin Tarantino, True Romance[4], New York: Grove Press, ISBN 0802136869, page 52:
      How the fuck did you get hooked up with a douche-bag like this in the first place?
  3. (idiomatic, vulgar, pejorative) An annoying person; someone blatantly inconsiderate of others.


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