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drag +‎ -er

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dragger (plural draggers)

  1. Something that drags.
  2. (nautical) A trawler.
  3. One who takes part in drag racing.
    Synonym: dragster
    • 1962, The Saturday Evening Post, volume 235, page 10:
      On a raceway near Riverside, California, a dragger was fatally injured when his dragster went out of control []
    • 2016, Scotty Gosson, Lost Drag Strips II: More Ghosts of Quarter-Miles Past, page 63:
      In 1960, Honolulu motorcycle racer (and Street Roadster dragger) Danny Ongais stepped up to the dragster ranks []
  4. A vehicle used in drag racing.
    Synonym: dragster
    • 1967, United States. Congress. Senate, Hearings, volume 8, page 4149:
      So young speed enthusiasts can get high performance equipment for their "street draggers."
  5. (slang) A car thief.
    • 1945, Jack Henry, What Price Crime?, page 92:
      Like their friends the "draggers," the "hoisters" or shoplifters are having a thin time these days, []
    • 2020, Noel 'Razor' Smith, The Dirty Dozen:
      [A]t least, there were no dodgy whispers about him and that was a big plus in the tight-knit community of blaggers, draggers and carpet baggers of this corner of north-West London.
      Sean was pretty pissed off that the car they had meant to use for that day's robbery was an old rust-bucket Volkswagen Golf.

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