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Etymology edit

From Proto-Albanian *driktā, from Proto-Indo-European *dŕ̥ḱtis (sight, vision; appearance) +‎ *-éh₂ (thematic feminine ending), from the root *derḱ- (to see). Cognate with Sanskrit दृष्टि (dṛ́ṣṭi, sight, vision, aspect) and Avestan 𐬛𐬀𐬭𐬱𐬙𐬌𐬯 (darštis, sight); further compare Old English torht (clear, bright) from the same root.

Noun edit

dritë f (plural drita, definite drita, definite plural dritat)

  1. (physics) light
  2. light (such as a lamp)

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