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dude + ranch. 1921[1]


dude ranch (plural dude ranches)

  1. Synonym of guest ranch
    • 1956, P. G. Wodehouse, 'French Leave', Barrie & Jenkins, London: 1974, p 125.
      ...I didn't get on very well with my stepmother, so I cleared off and went to America. I was there several years, doing various jobs. I was on the waterfront for a time, and I worked on a dude ranch and went prospecting with a friend of mine in the Mojave desert and ... oh, lots of things. When the war broke out, I was a waiter at a New York hotel.

Derived termsEdit


  1. ^ Scribner's Magazine 343/1, March 1921, "‘Is this Scott Lawson's dude ranch?’ soberly inquired the rider of the pinto."