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earlap (plural earlaps)

  1. (archaic) The ear lobe.
    • 1850, British and foreign medico-chirurgical review: or, Quarterly journal of practial medicine and surgery, Volume 6
      ...of boring the Earlap, which is performed in Germany, not merely for the purpose of inserting earrings, but as a method of counter-irritation in ophthalmic diseases
  2. A flap connected to headgear to protect the ear (against the cold, or physical harm); an earflap.
    • 1981, Richard Lourie (translating Vladimir Voĭnovich), Pretender to the throne: the further adventures of private Ivan
      Everyone looked over at Shevchuk, who was shifting from one foot to the other, rumpling his well-traveled hat with its missing earlap
    • 1999, Marty Glickman, Stan Isaacs, The Fastest Kid on the Block: The Marty Glickman Story
      The people at the game were dressed in woolen hats, mackinaws, fur-lined coats, gloves and caps with earlaps — heavy winter clothing.