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Back slang for girl.


elrig (plural elrigs)

  1. (obsolete, costermongers) A girl.
    • 1912 May 11, Heighway, A. J., “Whitechapel”, in The Evening Post (New Zealand)[1], volume LXXXIII, number 112, page 9:
      It is still in considerable vogue, and the enquirer will at times hear some good examples—though the chances are a hundred to one against his ever understanding them. A couple which were interpreted for my benefit were: "Hi, yob, kool that enif elrig with the nael ekom. Sap her a top of reeb and a tib of occobat," and "Islema, ogda the opperca." After the reader has sufficiently puzzled over these hieroglyphics he or she may be glad to learnt hat the quotations respectively mean: "Hi, boy, look at that fine girl with the lean moke. Pass her a pot of beer and a bit of tobacco," and "Misle, dog the copper!"
    • 2011, Hamilton, Ruth, The Corner House, Random House, →ISBN, page 86:
      I see you've had an elrig hanging round your stall.


Related termsEdit

  • yob (boy)