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enzyme +‎ -atic

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enzymatic (not comparable)

  1. Of, relating to, or caused by enzymes.
    • 1904 September 1, L. B. Stookey, A. S. Granger, “The formation of urea”, in Experimental Biology and Medicine, volume 3, number 1:
      These results might indicate an enzymatic formation of urea.
    • 1905 June 1, Orville H. Brown, C. Hugh Neilson, “The Influence of Alkaloids and Alkaloidal Salts Upon Catalysis”, in American Journal of Physiology, volume 13, number 5, page 427:
      The later workers have attempted not only to ascertain the influence of the anion and the cation, but ti explain the reason for such influence upon the catalytic or enzymatic processes.

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