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Daniel Hopfer (1470–1536), The Soldier and his Wife, date unknown, etching (2).



etching (plural etchings)

  1. (uncountable) The art of producing an image from a metal plate into which an image or text has been etched with acid.
    Coordinate term: engraving
    Hypernym: intaglio
    Hyponyms: aquatint, mezzotint
  2. (countable) The image created by this process.
    • 1907, Robert William Chambers, chapter VIII, in The Younger Set, New York, N.Y.: D. Appleton & Company, OCLC 24962326:
      "My tastes," he said, still smiling, "incline me to the garishly sunlit side of this planet." And, to tease her and arouse her to combat: "I prefer a farandole to a nocturne; I'd rather have a painting than an etching; Mr. Whistler bores me with his monochromatic mud; I don't like dull colours, dull sounds, dull intellects; []."

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  1. present participle of etch

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