executive committee



executive committee (plural executive committees)

  1. (management) A subcommittee of a board authorized to make some decisions on behalf of the entire board.
    • 2008, BioWare, Mass Effect (Science Fiction), Redwood City: Electronic Arts, →ISBN, OCLC 246633669, PC, scene: Citadel Council Codex entry:
      The Council is an executive committee composed of representatives from the Asari Republics, the Turian Hierarchy, and the Salarian Union. Though they have no official power over the independent governments of other species, the Council's decisions carry great weight throughout the galaxy. No single Council race is strong enough to defy the other two, and all have a vested interest in compromise and cooperation.
  2. (government, politics, Quebec) the equivalent of the cabinet of ministers for a city government, serving the mayor.


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