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exo- +‎ moon

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exomoon (plural exomoons)

  1. (astronomy) A moon that is outside the Solar System (our solar system).
    • 2001 July 14, Robert Casey, “Moons around "hot Jupiter" exoplanets, possible?”, in sci.astro.research[1] (Usenet), retrieved 2019-03-20, message-ID <mt2.0-23734-995099843@star.bris.ac.uk>:
      Of course we can't detect exomoons now (or for a long while), but could planets like 51 Peg b have any moons? Wouldn't the star strip them off? I don't suppose there can be a moon around a planet that orbits in more time than it takes that planet to orbit its star.
    • 2006 August 27, Jens Egon Nyborg, “Re: It's official--Jupiter is now a dwarf planet!”, in rec.arts.sf.written,rec.arts.sf.science[2] (Usenet), retrieved 2019-03-20, message-ID <xweIg.30$fR6.17@news.get2net.dk>:
      Now we get exoplanets, dwarf planets, rogue planets, and (exo)moons. That's ok, but then comes the utter silliness: none of them are planets. Even those bigger than Jupiter aren't planets.

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