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exoterism (plural exoterisms)

  1. The outward forms that religion takes; the institutional aspects of faith and religion, such as rituals, moral precepts, and institutions.
    • 1875. Gordon Campbell, Wilson Edward William Morrison, E B Iwan-Müller, Frederick Sanders Pulling, Francis Griffin Stokes, The Shotover Papers, Or, Echoes from Oxford, University of Oxford, page 73,
      It is not however easy -- perhaps it is impossible -- to reveal a discovery so wonderful by popular exoterism on the point: posterity will amplify and expound in dry but acumonious logic what I have here only to put forth in its great Severity and Profundity.
    • 1919. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled: A Master Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science, The Aryan Theosophical Press, page 535,
      The thought of the present-day commentator and critic as to the ancient learning, is limited to and runs round the exoterism of the temples...
    • 2003. Reiner Schürmann, Reginald Lilly, Broken Hegemonies, Indiana University Press, page 248,
      In their exoterism, they showed civic sense is most demanding.

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