Alternative formsEdit


Plural of exsequia, derived from exsequor (I follow to the end).



exsequiae f pl (genitive exsequiārum); first declension

  1. funeral rites
    Synonyms: fūnus, īnferiae
  2. (Late Latin) earthly remains, relics
    Synonym: rēliquiae


First-declension noun, plural only.

Case Plural
Nominative exsequiae
Genitive exsequiārum
Dative exsequiīs
Accusative exsequiās
Ablative exsequiīs
Vocative exsequiae


  • English: exequies
  • Italian: esequie


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    • (ambiguous) to attend a person's funeral: exsequias alicuius funeris prosequi
    • (ambiguous) to celebrate the obsequies: funus or exsequias celebrare
    • (ambiguous) to be deprived of the rites of burial: iustis exsequiarum carere
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