fag +‎ -let, from faggot.


faglet (plural faglets)

  1. (vulgar, offensive, sometimes derogatory) A young male homosexual.
    • 1988, Paul Hofrichter, Death Ride, Leisure Books (1988), →ISBN, page 165:
      "Look, boys, a young faglet. What do we do with 'im?"
    • 1999 January 18, Escamillo Thunderbunny [username], “Re: WOW”, in alt.fan.rosieodonnell, Usenet[1]:
      Are you feeling a little frustrated because the gay porn industry has passed at the chance to have a pimply-faced faglet like you in their movies??
    • 2006, D. Travers Scott, "Growing Up in Horror", in From Boys to Men: Gay Men Write About Growing Up (eds. Ted Gideonse & Robert Williams), Carol & Graf Publishers (2006), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      As a tender young faglet, I had sense enough to cache my musty copies of International Male and Penthouse beneath the false bottom of my chest of drawers.