fap +‎ -er


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fapper (plural fappers)

  1. (slang) masturbator
    • 2005 January 26, “Re: More fuel for the Paige Davis video rumor????<let go>”, in rec.sport.pro-wrestling, Usenet[1]:
      Best I could do. Z (just doin' my part for the happy fappers)
    • 2007 July 19, YKW '06, “Re: Final Crisis: This Time, the Skies are BLUE!”, in rec.arts.comics.dc.universe, Usenet[2]:
      leave the rest for the direct market and all us continuity-porn fappers.
    • 2011 July 10, AnonyMPC, “{ASSM} The Gauntlet by AnonyMPC (M+f, Ff, M+F, mult, oral, anal, inc, beast, gang, group, humil)”, in alt.sex.stories, Usenet[3]:
      Masturbators. Fappers. Jackoffs. These guys don't want to touch, they just want to cum on a girl.
    • 2012 February 16, “Re: more than 10 posts to goathead per week leads to hairy palms”, in alt.slack.goathead, Usenet[4]:
      fap fap fap fap is all you fappers do in here.
    • 2012 September 28, SpaceMonkeyGleep, “Re: Who Says There's Nothing On TV?”, in alt.tasteless, Usenet[5]:
      Wuddaya mean he wasn't encouraging the fappers? Yer claimin' he was trying to get the feed shut down? Nah... I ain't buying it. Not fer a second! He was trying to help those on the edge of spooging reach the top, man!