From Middle English festlich, equivalent to feast +‎ -ly. Compare Dutch feestelijk(festive), German festlich(festive, solemn), Danish and Swedish festlig(festive, solemn).


feastly (comparative feastlier or more feastly, superlative feastliest or most feastly)

  1. Wont to or fond of festive occasions.
    • 2003, Institute for Central European Studies (Universitatea "Babeș-Bolyai"), Colloquia: journal of Central European history:
      Royal entrances not only provide for feast and, implicitly, collective feastly behaviour but they themselves are feasts equivalent with the ordinary feasts on the agenda of a particular place.
  2. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a feast; festive.
    • 1994, University of British Columbia. Dept. of Creative Writing, Prism international:
      So my old man, he says Lord thank you for this feastly grub that the relatives worked so hard for [...]