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From Middle English festlich, equivalent to feast +‎ -ly. Compare Dutch feestelijk (festive), German festlich (festive, solemn), Danish and Swedish festlig (festive, solemn).


feastly (comparative feastlier or more feastly, superlative feastliest or most feastly)

  1. Wont to or fond of festive occasions.
    • 2003, Institute for Central European Studies (Universitatea "Babeș-Bolyai"), Colloquia: journal of Central European history:
      Royal entrances not only provide for feast and, implicitly, collective feastly behaviour but they themselves are feasts equivalent with the ordinary feasts on the agenda of a particular place.
  2. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a feast; festive.
    • 1994, University of British Columbia. Dept. of Creative Writing, Prism international:
      So my old man, he says Lord thank you for this feastly grub that the relatives worked so hard for [...]