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filesize (plural filesizes)

  1. Alternative form of file size
    • 1997, Raymond Pirouz, Click Here: Web Communication Design:
      Earlier in this chapter, I skimmed over image filesize and have subtly touched on it throughout the book so far. How, then, do you measure the true filesize of your images?
    • 2003, Phillip Kerman, ActionScripting in Flash MX, page 291:
      You shouldn't use this to skip past silence at the beginning of your sound; any silence should have been removed before import as it adds unnecessarily to the filesize.
    • 2012, Darren Brooker, Essential CG Lighting Techniques with 3ds Max, page 187:
      The impact on filesize that working with full 32-bit images involves can easily be calculated.
    • 2013, Eric Luhta, How to Cheat in Maya 2012: Tools and Techniques for Character Animation:
      What this means for you, however, is that you should learn to compress your demo into a file that is high quality but small filesize.
    • 2019 August 30, John Jacques, “Gears 5 File Size Revealed for PC and Xbox One”, in Gaming News:
      With Gears 5 now less than two weeks away from releasing, the filesize for the upcoming third-person shooter has now been revealed.