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fingernail +‎ -ful


fingernailful (plural not attested)

  1. (rare) Enough to be stored under one's fingernail.
    • 1952, Meredith Willson, Who did what to Fedalia?, page 27:
      He hurried up the back stairs with the hot water, scooping up a fingernailful of frost off the window in the back hall where there wasn't any register.
    • 1987, William Diehl, Thai horse, page 307:
      He scraped up a fingernailful and, holding it to a nostril, slowly inhaled it. He waited for another minute or two for it to take effect, then he scraped up another fingernailful and put it in his mouth and tasted it.
    • 2011, Stella Duffy, Singling Out The Couples
      Timing in the offered fingernailful of cocaine, well cut and loose dropped into the hollow between my collarbones.