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From fire +‎ -worthy.


fireworthy (comparative more fireworthy, superlative most fireworthy)

  1. (of a firearms) Worthy or capable of firing; able to be fired; combustible.
    • 1845, New York Journal of Medicine and the Collateral Sciences
      In re-adjusting it a second time the stock was not in perfect apposition, and the wiseacre, whose business it was to render the weapon fireworthy, observing this defect, sought to remedy it by striking the butt end sharply upon the ground.
  2. Capable of preventing or surviving a fire.
    • 2003, George A. Peters, Barbara J. Peters, Automotive Vehicle Safety, page 19:
      The investigator concluded that the vehicle was not sufficiently fireworthy. Still another expert concluded that the vehicle was not crashworthy, a design defect.
  3. (workplace or employment) Worthy of being fired (from a job).
    • 2011, J. Jeremy Wisnewski, The Office and Philosophy: Scenes from the Unexamined Life:
      I can see no such difference and thus conclude—since Creed, Michael, and Jan are all equally blameworthy for a fire-worthy incident—they should all be fired.

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