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See also: frog-march and frog march



Alternative formsEdit


See frog march.


frogmarch (third-person singular simple present frogmarches, present participle frogmarching, simple past and past participle frogmarched)

  1. To march or force a person forward while holding their arms from behind or the side, as a prisoner.
  2. (figuratively) To force a person forward against their will.
    • Thomas Firbank, I Bought a Mountain, in a gale and rain storm in Snowdonia:-
      The wind frogmarched me at a run into the house.
  3. (formerly) To carry a person face-down with one person holding each limb.
  4. To forcibly relocate a person, especially in a degrading or humiliating manner.


frogmarch (plural frogmarches)

  1. The process of frogmarching a person.


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