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a fuck-you lizard

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Named during the Vietnam War, as the lizard's cry could be heard as fuck you. The fuck sound is quite clear and short in duration, followed by a pause of about half a second and the elongated you. The same sound could also be heard as tokay (as in tokay gecko), as tokeh (as in tokeh-tokeh), or as tuctoo, all of which are other English names of the lizard.

Noun edit

fuck-you lizard (plural fuck-you lizards)

  1. (military slang, vulgar) The tokay gecko (Gekko gecko), native to Southeast Asia.
    • 1988, Russell E. McLogan, Boy Soldier: Coming of Age During World War II, Terrus Press, page 141:
      “Relax, son,” he whispered, “it’s only a fuck-you lizard.”
    • 2004, Mike Sutton, No Survivors, Author House, page 176:
      “Uccck-ouuu.” Small Deer said, imitating a Fuck-You Lizard to perfection.
    • 2009, Wayne Karlin, Wandering Souls: Journeys with the Dead and the Living in Viet Nam, Nation Books, page 269:
      At least it wasn’t a fuck-you lizard, I thought.

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