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full throttle (plural full throttles)

  1. A maximum setting on an engine or motor control.
    • 1943, Johnston Carroll, “Wings of the North”, in Leo Margulies, editor, Flying Wildcats‎, page 127:
      there was no further sign of any Nazi planes, Perry banked southward and went roaring home to Base on full throttles
    • 1975, John Innes Clarke, An Advanced Geography of Africa‎, page 43:
      its regs and serirs over which Land Rovers can race with full throttles and little chance of meeting any obstacle larger than a fist-sized stone.
    • 2003, Bob Bondurant; John Blakemore, Bob Bondurant on High Performance Driving‎, page 85:
      Under full throttle, your car is just on the border of maximum traction
  2. A maximum level of speed, effort, or risk.
    • 1999, David M. Jacobs, The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda‎, page 228:
      I'm in the full throttles of an embrace and this is wonderful.
    • 2003, Jennifer Hendricks; Gordon Hendricks, Slim to None: A Journey Through the Wasteland of Anorexia Treatment‎, page 176:
      In the third week Dr. Gale shifted into full throttle back pedal.
    • 2008, Otis L Graham, Jr., Immigration Reform and America's Unchosen Future‎, page 193:
      The full-throttle growth was still in place, as it had been as long as I could remember.


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full throttle (comparative more full throttle, superlative most full throttle)

  1. All out; at maximum speed, effort, or risk.
    • 1988, Murray A. Pura; Loren Wilkinson, Mizzly Fitch: The Light, the Sea, the Storm‎, page 14:
      The other, the Christina Covey, there was another that never knowed the harbour, why, she come in full throttle
    • 1996, Steven Jonas, The Essential Triathlete‎:
      Virtually all exercise authorities recommend some kind of warm-up period in each session before you go full throttle
    • 2006, Dorothea Benton Frank, Full of Grace, page 212:
      If Nonna had seen them, she would do the same as Dad, but I looked back to see her focused full throttle on whatever it was George was saying.