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From furnace +‎ -y.


furnacey (comparative more furnacey, superlative most furnacey) (rare)

  1. Resembling or characteristic of a furnace.
    • 1877, The Literary World: A Review of Current Literature, volume VII:
      Once, at least, the philosopher is mistaken: it wasn't the chimney at all; it was the furnacy land-breezes, which, stealing out from Portsmouth, had wrapped us in a sudden fiery embrace.
    • 1952 May 22, San Francisco News, page 21:
      Life in this great pretzel center is distinguished by the worst television reception enjoyed by any metropolitan American city – not even barring blast-furnacy Pittsburgh, runner-up for ghosts, blizzards, fadeouts and other visual blah.
    • 1995 April 16, Samuel Pocrass, “Re: yellow raincoat”, in rec.arts.poems, Usenet, message-ID <102@slopoke.win.net>:
      the work-weary pleasure of removing a coat when stepping inside an apartment; / the disappointment of having no fireplace; / the compensation of turning the heat way up. / the furnacy warm air blowing through the vent so differently from cold, haphazard rain.
    • 1997 October 17, CSTARK1, “Fun With Fenelon”, in talk.philosophy.misc, Usenet, message-ID <01bcdaa8$f66e0ea0$1356edcc@default>:
      I know, yeah, this floor ... / We discussed it once. / Cool, concrete slab. / I lie on it when things are too furnacy / And my shoulders ache.
    • 2002 March 13, EHursh, “Re: What season(s) do you prefer?”, in alt.callahans, Usenet, message-ID <3C8EF5B6.78F5433@bdexx.com>:
      I was born in May (Mother's Day, in fact), and that's about the time of year I like: winter's over, and summer hasn't yet gone into full furnacey swing.
    • 2005 February 17, Steven Sullivan, “Re: Pazz & Jop poll is out, btw”, in rec.music.progressive, Usenet, message-ID <cv3avc$n8m$5@reader2.panix.com>:
      Admittedly, it's not a very Magma-esque sound. / and it's neither fiery nor furnacey.
    • 2010 December 22, Skipweasel, “Re: Thrice woe.”, in uk.rec.sheds, Usenet, message-ID <MPG.277be9ce5eba144c989d38@news.virginmedia.com>:
      The water stops, but there's still quite a lot of residual heat in the furnacey bit which made the boiler bump and boil for a few seconds after shutdown.
    • 2011 November 1, Bok, Roxanne, Horsekeeping: One Woman's Tale of Barn and Country Life, Easton Press, →ISBN, page 71:
      Their winter coats insulate them so well that they actually prefer to tough it out in the elements, and even a cold barn is sometimes too warm for their furnacy selves.
    • 2013 January 23 [December 2005], Gray, Simon, “Green Flash”, in The Smoking Diaries, volume 2, Granta Publications, →ISBN:
      There was a sudden furnacy glow all around it, and to its left, associated with it in some way, but not attached to it, a bright green dot appeared, a small but complete and brilliant dot.
    • 2014 June 19, Abbott, Megan, The Fever, Pan Macmillan, →ISBN:
      There was a feeling to the place like in the basement at school, where they held classes for a while when enrollment ran too high. A furnacey smell and uncertain buzzing and whirring sounds.