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Alternative formsEdit


From gain- +‎ birth. Compare againbirth.


gainbirth ‎(plural gainbirths)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) Regeneration; rebirth.
    • 1550 (1843), Sir John Cheke, The Gospel According to St. Matthew:
      What schal we have ŷen? Jesus said vnto ŷem, Je ŷt hav folowed me in ŷe gain birth when ŷ sõn of man schal sit in ŷe throon of his glorí, [...]
    • 1903, David James Burrell, Christ and Progress:
      One of these is Regeneration, or "the gainbirth" as the fathers were fond of calling it. A Christian is understood to be a new man in Christ Jesus; old things have passed away, all things are become new.