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garage +‎ -ware, suggesting development by amateurs in a domestic garage.


garageware (uncountable)

  1. (computing, slang, derogatory) Shoddy, amateurish software.
    • 1997, "vak", Lack of Free Software for PP... (on newsgroup alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot)
      People who spend real money on real servers aren't in the habit of running shareware or garageware.
    • 2001, "Bob", Zone Alarm 3.6 True Vector (on newsgroup
      The ones which cause me the most trouble are various garageware sound file editors. One of them will crash Win2K if I run it and run an ascii editor at the same time.
    • 2007, "Walter Mitty", Help! Upgraded to XP (on newsgroup
      [] the simple fact is that most native Linux games are rubbish garageware and that the industry simply doesnt[sic] care about the Linux community at large because they are generally not gamers but more serious "hackers" and hobbyists.