gay bob




gay bob ‎(comparative more gay bob, superlative most gay bob)

  1. (pejorative, colloquial) Divergent from the group, by comparison with a homosexual.
    If you're too gay bob and want to go play with your dolls instead, I guess you don't have to play football with us.


  • (pejorative for divergent, by comparison with homosexual): gay, namby-pamby


gay bob ‎(plural gay bobs)

  1. (pejorative, colloquial) One who is acting in a manner divergent from the group, by comparison with a homosexual.
    The others called me a gay bob when I wouldn't ditch class with them.


  • (pejorative for a divergent individual, by comparison with a homosexual): queer


  • 1997 November 22, Gary L. Simmons, “Re: Starship Troopers”,, Usenet
    I had no idea so many gay BOBs read this newsgroup!
  • 2000 July 1, “census & your name”,, Usenet
    Phil Sidler: What is the statistical significance of putting your name on the census questionnaire? Does more Bob's [sic.] in my neighborhood mean we get more or less money for gerbil research?
    Tim Robinson: [Only] if they are gay Bobs. That is to say, Oral Roberts.
  • 2003: “Mr Wonderful” (pseudonym), “Liberalism--Light On Crime”, soc.culture.african.american, Usenet [1]
    You can have some of that big ass and those big titties, unless you are too much of a gay bob to partake.
  • 2006: Eric Wilder, Murder Etouffee, Virtualbookworm Publishing, ISBN 1589398599, page 125
    "May-be [sic.] I don't like having a gay bob for a brother."
    Beaux must have expected Bertram's retort, though he apparently had no immediate reply for it.