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Blend of gay +‎ baby



gayby (plural gaybies)

  1. (LGBT) The baby of a gay person or couple.
    • 2005, No. 685, The Advocate - Jul 11, 1995, link
      Much to my surprise I find out that I am part of the "gayby boom."
    • 2002, The Advocate - No. 864, Hollywood's Gayby Boom - May 28, 2002[1], page 55:
      Hollywood's gayby boom As my partner and I watch our friends dive into child rearing with the abandon previously held only for screenplay writing...
    • 2009, Abigail Garner, Families Like Mine, link
      The “gayby boom” children have two moms, two dads, or one of a combination of numerous queer parents.
    • 2011, Stephen Emond, Winter Town, link
      “I was born a gayby.” “Aww, you were a gayby?” Lucy gushed. “I seriously was,” Marshall said. “I was allergic to breast milk.” Everyone laughed.
  2. A young child with apparent homosexual countenance ("gayface").


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