From German Gelände ‎(terrain)



  1. (skiing) terrain, area
    • 1993, “The Secret Kingdom of Ski Bums”, Skiing, volume 46, number 1, page 110:
      The base area is adorned with an immense gelande jump, off which qualified skiers regularly catch 200 feet of air.
  2. (skiing) a shortening of gelandesprung, a form of ski jumping.
    • 2009, “Snowbowl Gelande Championship”[1], Montana Snowbowl, retrieved 2012-02-04:
      Gelande is a two day ski jump event attracting national media as well as jumpers from all over the U.S.
    • 2009 April 19, “Skiers Take Flight at Snowbird Gelande”, First Tracks:
      Little Cottonwood Canyon has a rich history with gelande competitions, and watching skiers soar over 200 feet is not something you get to see every day.
    • 2010 April 9, “'Gelande Quaffing' competition Saturday in Vail Valley”[2], Vail, CO: Vail Daily:
      But somewhere along the way gelande quaffing was lost and the aprés spirit forgotten.

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