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gemote (plural gemotes)

  1. Alternative form of gemot
    • 1876, John Richard Green, Stray Studies from England and Italy:
      But Cnut was of nobler stuff than Æthelred, and his conquest of the realm was followed by the gathering of a new gemote at Oxford to resume the work of reconciliation []
    • 1879, A handbook for travellers in Devonshire (ninth edition; published by John Murray), page 26:
      He expelled the Britons, and fixed the Tamar as their limit Then returning to Exeter, he held therein a gemote, at which certain laws still in existence were promulgated, []
    • 1918, Michigan Law Review, volume 16, page 325:
      Dean Pound somewhere quoting from Freeman, the English historian, the most noted of the Anglo-Saxon myth-makers, cites the examiner in law who insisted that William the Conqueror introduced the feudal system at the gemote at Salisbury in 1086, []