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gene product (plural gene products)

  1. (genetics) RNA or protein product of a gene
    • 1988 April 1, “Antibodies to the period gene product of drosophila reveal diverse tissue distribution and rhythmic changes in the visual system”, in Neuron[1], volume 1, number 2, page 141:
      Polyclonal antibodies were prepared against the period gene product, which influences biological rhythms in D. melanogaster, by using small synthetic peptides from the per sequence as immunogens.
    • 1999, Strachan, Tom and Read, Andrew, “Molecular Pathology”, in Human Molecular Genetics 2[2], →ISBN:
      Certain gene functions, however, are inherently dosage-sensitive (Fisher and Scambler, 1994). These include:
      * gene products that are part of a quantitative signaling system whose function depends on partial or variable occupancy of a receptor, DNA-binding site, etc.;
      * gene products that compete with each other to determine a developmental or metabolic switch;
      * gene products that co-operate with each other in interactions with fixed stoichiometry (such as the α and β globins or many structural proteins).
      In each case the gene product is titrated against something else in the cell.
    • 2009, The National Library of Medicine, “Exercises: Using Map Viewer”, in The NCBI Handbook[3], OCLC 52087114:
      In this case, we find that the majority of the predicted protein matches the FMR1 gene product but that we have introduced some novel peptide sequence at the amino-terminal end as well as some near the carboxy terminus.