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geo- +‎ caching


geocaching (uncountable)

  1. A pastime in which participants use a GPS receiver to find a hidden container at a specific latitude and longitude, or to hide a container to be found in this manner.
    • 2007, Susan Lynn, Darla Castelli, Peter Werner, Stephen Cone, Seminar in Physical Education: From Student Teaching to Teaching Students, page 206,
      In addition to the uses cited, a sport called geocaching — a high-tech version of hide and seek or orienteering — has evolved that uses GPS to locate points of interest and hidden items, or caches.
    • 2010, Doug Ohman, Chris Niskanen, Prairie, Lake, Forest: Minnesota's State Parks, page 104,
      State parks officials were a little stunned— and thrilled— with the response to the Geocaching History Challenge. Though it was difficult to determine how many people participated, clearly geocaching was exploding in popularity.
    • 2010, Jeff Steffen, Jim Stiehl, Teaching Lifetime Outdoor Pursuits, page 136,
      Virtually any academic task can be incorporated into geocaching activities, and thus geocaching can facilitate the learning of less-palatable but important academic skills.

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