get about



get about (third-person singular simple present gets about, present participle getting about, simple past got about, past participle (UK) got about or (US) gotten about)

  1. (informal) To be mobile, physically active.
    I can't get about so much since I hurt my hip.
    • 1898, J. Meade Falkner, Moonfleet Chapter 5
      The first walk I took when I grew stronger and was able to get about was up to Aunt Jane's, notwithstanding she had never so much as been to ask after me all these days.
  2. (informal) To become widely known; to be leaked to the public or a wider audience.
    Synonym: get out
    If this story gets about then I'm finished.
  3. (informal) To visit a variety of different places.
    That's the third party Brenda's been to this week. She certainly gets about.