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Old EnglishEdit


  1. Alternative from of giedd




  1. simple past tense of gie
    • 1715, S.R. Crockett, Bog-Myrtle and Peat[1]:
      "Hoot na, Portmark, it was yersel' he was hittin' at, and the black e'e ye gied Kirsty six weeks syne."
    • 1920, James C. Welsh, The Underworld[2]:
      "Auld Cabbage-heid didna' like me looking at Peter Rundell an' that's the way he gied me four, but I'll get a horse's hair too, an' his tawse 'll soon get wheegh.
    • 1910, William Le Queux, The House of Whispers[3]:
      They div say as weel that Auld Nick himsel' was present, an' gied the decision that the Cardinal, wha was to be askit ower frae Stirlin', should dee.