Alternative formsEdit


From dialectal gjidhë, from Proto-Albanian *semdza, from Proto-Indo-European *sem-ǵʰo- (compare Old Armenian եզ (ez), Latin singulus), from *sem- (which gave dialectal gji).



i gjithë m (feminine e gjithë, masculine plural gjithë, feminine plural gjitha)

  1. whole, entire
    Synonym: tërë
  2. all, all of, all the, the whole, the entire
  3. (regional) every
    Synonym: çdo
  4. (unarticulated, in the singular) just like + intimate kinship term
    Gjithë e ëma.Just like his/her/their mother.
    Gjithë i ati.Just like his/her/their father.

Usage notesEdit

Prepositive (i.e., precedes the noun) and usually articulated, though many fixed expressions lack articulation.

Derived termsEdit

Words derived from gjithë (det.)


të gjithë (feminine gjitha)

  1. all, everybody
    Të gjithë s’i kam shokë.Not all (of them) are my friends.
    Elona flet më mirë nga të gjithë.Elona speaks the best of all.
  2. all, everything
    I bleu të gjitha.He bought everything / He bought them all.

Usage notesEdit

Articulated and plural.