1. Of eyes: showing no liveliness.
  2. Having a glaze (a coating).
    a glazed ham
    a glazed doughnut
  3. (architecture, construction) Having glass in the windows, as opposed to having open spaces for windows or being windowless.
    a shelter at the bus stop with glazed sides and rear
    a glazed garden shed





  1. simple past tense and past participle of glaze


glazed (plural glazeds)

  1. (US, colloquial) A glazed donut, one with a coating such as sugar or chocolate.
    • 2010, Ayun Halliday, Zinester's Guide to New York, page 65:
      Krispy your Kremes with fresh, non-corporate cakes and glazeds in such flavors du jour as Pistachio, Tres Leches, Meyer Lemon, and Blackout (a nod to the star attraction of the long-gone Ebinger's Bakery).
    • 2012, Patricia Bow, The Starry Window, page 34:
      She had to herd them into Bruce's Coffee and Doughnut and stuff them with chocolate glazeds to get the story []
    • 2014, Marilyn Baron, Homecoming Homicides
      And since I know you probably didn't have breakfast, I left a couple of glazeds on a napkin on your sorry excuse for a desk.”