From glory +‎ -worthy.


glory-worthy (comparative more glory-worthy, superlative most glory-worthy)

  1. Worthy of glory
    • 2010, Robert Sydney Reyes, Job & the Gospel of Suffering, page 259:
      As we have said before, God PROOFS the faith into man, i.e., he tempers that faith in his heart; he also PROVES this tempered faith in man in combat that it is reliable, trustworthy and glory-worthy; and he APPROVES a man in his victory by the faith with a prize — a crown —the crown of life.
    • 2014, Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, Vainglory: The Forgotten Vice, page 76:
      For those who have glory-worthy goods, the temptation is sliding from real striving after virtue into living off their past reputation.
    • 2015, M. V. Dougherty, Aquinas's Disputed Questions on Evil:
      In what follows, I will argue that this focus overlooks a whole range of familiar cases that arise from a sense of “glory-neediness” rather than a self that feels “glory-worthy.”