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go Winchester



go Winchester

  1. (military aviation) To run out of ammunition, requiring a return to base.
    • 1990, G. C. Hendricks, The second war‎, page 52:
      We go Winchester before we go target." Winchester was thirty-thirty, the UHF frequency we used in flight school when we were both flying solo
    • 2007, Steve Call, Danger close: tactical air controllers in Afghanistan and Iraq‎, page 149:
      He had come from another controller, so he only had two Mavericks and [his wingman] had four Mk-82s, so they went Winchester pretty quick.
    • 2009, Ed Macy, Apache: Inside the Cockpit of the World's Most Deadly Fighting Machine‎, page 321:
      Nobody had gone Winchester before - Charlotte and Tony had just made British Apache history. Billy sent our ammo requirements to Kev Blundell in Bastion