goal suck



From goal + suck ‎(self-pitying person, noun).


goal suck ‎(plural goal sucks)

  1. (derogatory ice hockey slang) A player who loiters near the opposing net, hoping to score goals without doing the work of moving the puck down the ice. One who goal-sucks.
    • 1983, Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences Proceedings, p 14:
      A chicken is often called a “goal suck”, a “one way player” or a “cherry picker” during the course of his deviant career. These three types all involve an emphasis on scoring goals and avoiding situations and places on the ice where physical confrontations are likely to occur.
    • 2009, Don Weekes, The Biggest Book of Hockey Trivia, Vancouver, Greystone Books, p 76:
      Included with each CD was a ballot, which the Hansons asked people to sign and return, boosting Williams for the Hall ahead of “some of those fancy-schmancy, no-hitting prima-donna whining millionaire goal sucks.”