goating ‎(plural goatings)

  1. A scapegoating
  2. An event at a fraternal organization, derived from scapegoating
    • 1898, The Sigma Chi Quarterly: The Official Organ of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, page 135
      The field has been worked over very thoroughly and the spring " goatings " will not be very numerous.
    • p. 1905, Sigma Phi Epsilon Journal, page 345
      With soirees, parties, germans and goatings, our time has passed away only too quickly
    • 1912, Caduceus of Kappa Sigma, page 420
      Balls', teas, goatings and baseball games follow one another in rapid succession.
    • 1999, Susan Tyler Hitchcock, The University of Virginia: A Pictorial History, page 108
      Phi Delta Phi, staged annual "goatings," in which students caricatured professors mercilessly.



  1. present participle of goat