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goblette (plural goblettes)

  1. Alternative spelling of goblet
  2. a female goblin
    • 1992 "The Color of Her Panties" book 15 in Piers Anthony's Xanth series page 29
      "I am Gwendolyn Goblin, soon to be chief on Goblin Mountain. Now get out of the way before I move you out."
      "Ho, ho, ho. It is to laugh. You can't move me out, you skirted goblette. You must pay"
      "So you're stuck, goblette," Hugh Mongous said. "Pay."
      "This is outrageous!" Gwenndy said, stamping her little foot.
      “Cups, glasses, containers, bottles, mugs—”
      “Nothing interesting,” Gwenny said, hoping the demoness would go away. There was no point in correcting her about the distinction between a goblet and a goblette, or in reminding her that there was only one goblin in this party. They had enough problems without having them complicated by a supernatural creature. Demonesses were supposed to be less worse than demons, being mischievous rather than mean, but their mischief could be formidable.
    • 2008 Kristian Pulz Goblette
      A girl Goblin. Happy Halloween to all you Goblins and Goblettes!
    • 2015 "Goblin" The Adventures of Puss in Boots (Puss speaking to Cleevil)
      My dear, dear goblette, there is really nothing to it.
    • 2017 Goblette Automaton
      I decided a "Goblette" was a shortstacked android goblin girl.

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