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good +‎ night



  1. Alternative form of good night


goodnight (plural goodnights)

  1. Alternative spelling of good night
    • 1859, George Eliot, Adam Bede
      At last the pupils had all taken their hats and said their “Goodnights,” and Adam, knowing his old master's habits, rose and said, “Shall I put the candles out, Mr. Massey?”


goodnight (third-person singular simple present goodnights, present participle goodnighting, simple past and past participle goodnighted)

  1. Alternative form of good-night
    • 1961 January 29, Annie Kendall, “Parade Rest”, in The Christian: International Weekly of the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ), volume 99, number 5, St. Louis, Mo.: The Christian Board of Publication, page (155) 27:
      With each one goodnighted / Including the pup, / Baby is sleeping / Bottom up.
    • 1979, Kyril Bonfiglioli, “After you with the pistol”, in The Mortdecai Trilogy, Black Spring Press, published 1991, pages 338–339:
      Then he goodnighted me, I changed into pyjamas and in a trice was sleeping the sleep of the unjust, which is quite as dreamless as the sleep of the just if the unjust sleeper has a litre of Red Hackle on his bedside table.
    • 2010 fall, Jo Laskowski, “Hardy Fern Foundation Garden Tour, August 2010”, in Hardy Fern Foundation Quarterly, volume 20, number 4, page 85:
      After eight hours of intense viewing, o-o-hing, and scribbling down plant names and ideas, a spent group of participants returned to our cars, goodnighted, and went our separate ways.