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Probably a shortening of "May you have a good night."

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good night

  1. A farewell said in the evening or before going to sleep.
  2. (colloquial, dated) Expressing incredulity.
    • 1920, William Darling Lyell, The House in Queen Anne Square: A Tale, page 34:
      [] peculiarities of your law always interest me. What is 'legitim'?"
      "Oh! Good-night!" I said derisively.
      "But I am in dead earnest, and really want to know," he added with a perfectly serious face; "I have a small bet on."
    • 1954, Franklin W. Dixon, The Yellow Feather Mystery:
      Together they pried into the sodden mass, yanking out what was left of the record books.
      "Oh, good night!" Joe moaned in dismay. "The fire extinguisher liquid has messed up what the fire didn't."

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