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From Ukrainian ґатки (gátky, underwear, pl). Possibly back-formed from diminutive gotchies, after Ukrainian diminutive ґаці (gáci, pl).


gotch (plural gotches)

  1. (Saskatchewan and Manitoba, slang) Men's underwear.
    • 1998, Steven Erikson, This River Awakens, Tor (2013), ISBN 9780765334992, unnumbered page:
      I stopped beside Carl. 'Go ahead,' I told him. 'Pull his gotch right up over his fucking head.'
    • 2009, Milton Ramsden, Northward to Love, Trafford Publishing (2009), ISBN 9781425190262, page 56:
      Hilly howled as he lit the lamp and dove toward us clad in only his gotch.
    • 2013, D. W. Wilson, Ballistics, Hamish Hamilton (2013), ISBN 9780670065752, unnumbered page:
      So I was off atop a mountain, a day out of town and soaked through the gotch, when Jack spotted the American car.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:gotch.

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