Dutch edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

An onomatopoeia.

Noun edit

griet m (plural grieten, diminutive grietje n)

  1. alternative form of grutto (godwit)

Etymology 2 edit

From the Dutch girl's name Margriet, cognate with English Margaret.

Noun edit

griet f (plural grieten, diminutive grietje n)

  1. (informal) girl, (young or any) female, often derogatory: broad
Derived terms edit

Etymology 3 edit

A euphemistic alteration of god (god) in curse words, to remove the blasphemous nature.

Noun edit

griet m (uncountable)

  1. euphemism for God, notable as an alternative for blasphemous cursing

Etymology 4 edit

Possibly from a word meaning "sandstone, grit," referring to the shingle seabed the fish resides on, from Middle Dutch griet, from Old Dutch *griot, from Frankish *greota, from Proto-Germanic *greutą.

Noun edit

griet f (plural grieten, diminutive grietje n)

  1. brill, a fish of species Rhombus vulgaris

References edit

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